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GDAP Glaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonology- Complete Kit

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Ages: 3-10

Testing Time: 2-3 minutes/phoneme

Qualifications: Level B

Assessment sales are restricted to qualified professionals. This test requires a qualification level B. If the purchaser’s name does not appear in our ASHA certified database verifying credentials, you will be emailed a form to be completed prior to shipping.

The GDAP is the first standardized dynamic assessment of speech production and stimulability. This ground-breaking approach employs a unique 15-point cueing system and hierarchy (from 15 to 1) which represents the scaffolding levels available to a child in the production of a target. This responsive approach provides for a more sensitive measure that takes into account the emergence of skills and the child’s ability to learn, not just the final speech product.

A standardized decision matrix is used to determine the progression of prompts and cues, and the speech environment complexity. A low score of “1” is best and indicates that the child produces the target sound independently (i.e. with no instructions or verbal cues) in connected speech. In contrast, a high score indicates that many support strategies were needed by the child for production of a single sound in isolation. By assessing a child’s responsiveness in greater detail with the GDAP, it is possible to measure how a child responds to cues across a range of systematically varied linguistic contexts.

The GDAP matrix can be administered via paper and pencil, or easily through the ATP Online interface.

The GDAP has 49 items, including 2 multisyllabic words, 22 initial phonemes, 21 final phonemes, 3 initial blends, and 1 final blend. Sound classes represented in the GDAP include:

  • Glides
  • Nasals
  • Stops
  • Velars
  • Stridents
  • Interdentals
  • Liquids

Each item is tested in up to three speech environments using vibrant, child-friendly images:

  • Single Word
  • Two-Word Sentence
  • Connected Speech

The GDAP was normed on a representative sample of 880 children ages 3.0 through 10.11.

Includes: Manual, Plates and 25 Record Forms

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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