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CESA5 Conference with the family!
Gettin' ready for TSHA
Unloading new product for the year.
Rachele stacking boxes.
New container just arrived.
Our son and his friends seeing who can lift the most.
Paige unloading.
Finishing a complete unload with family & friends.
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Speech Corner is a family business in every sense of the word. We began in 2002 with our very first title, “Phono Bingo.” From there, the product ideas continued to flow with the Dot series, Double Dice workbooks and add-on decks, Spot On! series, Photo Cards, Treasure Trove, and more. The creative genius behind the organization is Rachele Ellsworth, M.S. CCC-SLP with a knack for making therapy fun and engaging, while at the same time keeping therapy, therapy! She is assisted in her venture by her family and her very handsome husband who carries the heavy stuff and writes posts like this one.

Everyone in these pictures is involved in the business–they get good work experience and they get to save for college. If you find something extra in your box…legos, doll clothes, little toys…it just means that the kiddo’s were helping to pick product and pack boxes, we do not actually sell those things 😉 Our children, Paige, Riggs, Dusti, Talyn, and Brynlee help in the warehouse and perhaps one will become a budding Speech Pathologist one day.