Speech Corner

We most certainly do! You can email your PO to po@speechcorner.com or fax to 888.815.2490.

If you really like using stamps, you can mail your PO to:

Speech Corner
PO Box 6727
Chandler, AZ 85246

Free Shipping really isn’t free (just compare pricing of an individual product–its added to the cost). Shipping has become a very expensive part of getting products to customers, however we try to find a happy medium with Flat Rate $8.99 regardless of order size (whether it is one item or a dozen items) in the 48 contiguous states. If you are lucky enough to live in one of those gorgeous states of Alaska or Hawaii we have to charge more to get you your products. We also ship internationally.

Tax is only charged on orders shipping to an AZ address. You can order online and you will not be charged tax unless we are shipping to an AZ address. AZ tax is 7.8% We do not have a ‘tax nexus’ in any other state.

Download from our Forms page.

Super easy. Just add a catalog to your cart. If it is the only item in your cart there will be no shipping cost.

Add a gift card to your cart and specify the value of your choosing. If it is the only item in your cart, there will be no shipping cost.

Two easy ways to get a quote:

  1. Add all the items to your shopping cart and checkout. Simply select “Quote Only” under the payment option. This order/quote can be referenced on a PO. Nothing will be shipped until a PO is received.
  2. Email (sales@speechcorner.com) or fax (888.815.2490) your item list to and we will reply with a quote.
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