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Double Dice Phonology

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Ages: 3-12

Grades: PreK-6th

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Double Dice Phonology is the perfect workbook for speech-language pathologists working with preschool or early elementary-aged students. It keeps kids motivated as you get the numerous repetitions needed for children who are speech-delayed, unintelligible, and/or apraxic. The added benefit is that children think it’s a game, but you don’t have any “winners” or “losers” and you aren’t wasting any time moving game pieces.

Here is how it works:

  • The unique double dice (a large 12-sided die with shapes depicted on the outside and a smaller inner die with numbers 1-4 on the inside) serves as the motivation component.
  • A student rolls the double dice and sees what shape was rolled on the outer die.
  • He/she finds that shape on their game sheet and says the word corresponding to that shape the number of times indicated on the inner die.
  • He/she colors in a portion of the game sheet as indicated in the directions.
  • The next student has a turn and this continues until the worksheet is complete.

Since the potential target word and amount of repetition are dependent upon the roll of the double dice, students look forward to their turn with anticipation. You can now maximize your students’ therapy time by keeping them interested while simultaneously obtaining numerous repetitions needed for developing correct speech habits. Preschoolers also end up learning their shapes in the process; however, this skill is not needed to use the worksheets!

Here is what is included in the workbook:

  • Reproducible worksheets are setup to accommodate SLPs who are targeting phonological processes as well as those who are targeting specific sounds. It contains worksheets targeting velar fronting, final consonant deletion, initial consonant deletion, stopping, and syllable reduction at the word level. It also addresses the following sounds: k, g, ng, p, b, m, n, w, t, d, f, v, and h in the initial and final positions of words.
  • Each target word was carefully selected to have both a simple phonemic syllable structure (CV, CVC, etc.) and be within the vocabulary range of a younger student as much as possible.
  • Contains guidelines for play page, a game variations/suggestions page, certificates, a tracking chart, and blank master pages.

All game sheets are played in a similar manner, so you can mix and match game pages within a single therapy group (i.e., one student can be working on /k/ and another working on /f/, and both can be working in the same group). Enjoy this versatile speech resource and be amazed at the number of repetitions you can achieve during therapy!

A double dice is sold separately (2 Pack:DD-100 or 1 Pack: DD-105).

Includes: 224 Pages, reproducible

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