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Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp

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Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Author: Pam Marshalla

A dynamic discussion of the lisps, the first to combine methods from traditional articulation and oral-motor therapy for both diagnostic and treatment procedures. This material is practical, comprehensive and insightful. It is based on thirty years of direct therapy experience with the frontal and lateral lisps in a wide variety of clients. Professional and student speech-language pathologists alike will find a fresh perspective and a wealth of information here. Appropriate for clients two years of age and above. Can be used as supplemental reading material in courses on articulation. A great addition to a professional or university library. Here is what is included:

  • Learn how to treat even the most difficult lisps
  • Gain a full perspective of normal sibilant production
  • Learn to diagnose direction of airflow
  • Shorten therapy time with effective techniques
  • Discover how to combine articulation and oral-motor therapy
  • Learn to motivate clients and commit them to therapy
  • Create an environment for effective carryover
  • Develop effective entrance and exit criteria


  • The Phonemes
  • Oral Position for Sibilant Production
  • Deep Analysis of the Frontal Lisp
  • Deep Analysis of the Lateral Lisp
  • Developmental Considerations in Sibilant Remediation
  • The “Long T” Method
  • The Cornerstone Approach
  • Onward to the Other Sibilants
  • Remediation Specific to the Frontal Lisp
  • Remediation Specific to the Lateral Lisp
  • Auditory Training Through the Program
  • Oral Habits, Oral Structure, Oral Rest and Swallowing
  • Achieving Carryover
  • Real Clients in Real Therapy

Includes: 228 pages, resource manual

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