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Dot Grammar

SKU #WB-3020


Ages: 7 and up

Grades: 2nd and up

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Are you working with students who are struggling with the fundamentals of syntax/grammar? This motivating DOT workbook covers those basic areas of grammar that students must know in order to be successful throughout school.

This workbook is set up just like the other DOT workbooks. Each student should be given an ink dauber (sold separately) and a game sheet prior to reading the easy-to-follow directions that appear at the top of each worksheet. The students are able to dot up the open circles on their game sheets as they correctly answer the questions.

DOT Grammar targets the following skills:

  • Nouns (Singular, Plural, Irregular, Possessive, Common, and Proper)
  • Verbs (Present, Past, Irregular, and Future)
  • Pronouns (Singular, Plural, Subject, Object, and Possessive)
  • Adjectives (Quantitative, Descriptive, Comparative, Superlative, and Proper)
  • Adverbs
  • Much more

Improve your students grammar skills so that they will be able to form grammatically correct sentences and understand the fundamentals of syntax. The four scented, washable, non-toxic, long-lasting paint markers/ink daubers are in a handy plastic carrying case and sold separately, item #ZG-180.

Includes: 212 pages, reproducible

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 1 in


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