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Articulation Carryover – Speech Corner Photo Cards

SKU #SC-205


Ages: 6 and up

Grades: 1st and up

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Let your students of all ages practice their carryover skills using these colorful photographic cards. The photographs and content are appropriate for all ages, so they are perfect for young students as well as those older students on your caseload. Here is what is included in this convenient boxed set:

  • A total of 59 different cards
  • Each card presents a short story loaded with a specific articulation target sound.
  • Five comprehension questions follow each story, and when answered correctly, they elicit the target sound.
  • The cards cover the following sounds: f, th, ch, sh, l, l clusters, s, s clusters, r, r clusters, or, ear, er, ar, air, ire.
  • Five cards per target sound, except two for each /r/ variation
  • An answer key is provided.

A great pick-up-and-go resource!

Includes: 59 different cards, game ideas, answer key

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 1 in


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