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Real-World Skills Series Physical Health

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Ages: 11 and up

Grades: 6th-12th
RL: 2.5-4.5

Physical Health –  How much sleep do I need? How do I avoid getting sick?
There’s a lot to know when it comes to being healthy. “What can I do if I don’t like fruits and vegetables?” “What does all that stuff on the nutrition label mean?” “Is vaping really that bad?” “I love being active. How can I avoid getting hurt?” These are just a few of the relevant topics in these high-interest lessons! Featuring real-life scenarios and an easy-reading style, students learn about the consequences of eating food with no nutritional value, dieting, drinking, drugs, and more. They also learn about moderation and the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet, good grooming, and finding exercise that they enjoy.

Locate Information 
Compare & Contrast
Cause & Effect
Form Opinions
Draw Conclusions 
Main Idea
Make Inferences
Use Context Clues
Determine the Author’s Viewpoint 
Analyze, Evaluate & Apply
Topics include:
I’m so tired of acne. What can I do?
What is the difference between dieting and eating healthy?
What is good grooming?
What is the best exercise for me?
What does all that stuff on a nutrition label mean?
How much sleep do I need, and why?
What does it mean to listen to your body?
How can I tell if I’m a good weight for me?
Are taking drugs, drinking, and smoking really so bad?


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