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Cha-Cha Chihuahua

SKU #GW-205


Ages: 3 and up

Grades: PreK and up

Jump, jive, and wag your tail! Draw cards to get these peppy perritos to join your doggy dance-a-thon. Paw away another player’s pups with some fetching food, but watch out for “siesta” cards! End the party with the most Chihuahuas on your dance floor!

Includes: 30 cards, 20 Chihuahua figurines, 4 dance floors, 1 nap shack

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in

1 review for Cha-Cha Chihuahua

  1. Monika

    I love this game for prek to 6th grade. The tiny dogs are super cute. The rules are easy. When a student draws a card with the dog bowl, the student has to politely request a dog from the player of their choice. The player with the most dogs at the end of our time in speech wins.

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