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Donut Dilemma – What Would You Do?

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Ages: 6 and up

Grades: 1st and up

Welcome to Speech Corner’s Donut Dilemma—What Would You Do? This innovative set of language development cards is designed to nurture growth in exploring problematic decisions, considering consequences, and ultimately finding the best solution 🍩.

Picture this: students eagerly gather around, ready to tackle dilemmas and test their problem-solving skills as they embark on the delicious challenge of stacking a tower of donuts. With each roll of the die, they dive into thought-provoking questions, adding layers of insight with every donut they stack. But beware—the wobbly saucer adds an extra element of excitement, turning this activity into a true balancing act that keeps everyone on their toes!

The cards themselves are a visual delight, showcasing four distinct types of donuts, each serving as a gateway to exploring different facets of decision-making:

🟠 Ring Donuts: What is the problem or dilemma at hand?

🟡 Yeast Donuts: How does the character feel about the situation?

🟢 Cruller Donuts: Who or what could potentially help resolve the dilemma?

🔵 Old-fashioned Donuts: Is the proposed solution a good one?

With Speech Corner’s Donut Dilemma, students not only engage in lively discourse but also hone essential skills in critical thinking, empathy, and decision-making. It’s an interactive and engaging way to foster language development while having a ton of fun along the way 🎉.

Includes: 12 donuts, 1 saucer, 1 cup, tongs, die, 50 content cards

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