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Balancing Language Burger

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Ages: 6 and up

Grades: 1st and up

Balancing Language Burger is an engaging game designed to support expressive language growth in a motivating format. Players work together to build a complete burger. They take turns rolling the die, answering questions, and adding toppings to the burger. All players need to be careful because the wobbly plate makes it a true balancing feat! The cards illustrate the six distinct burger toppings. Each burger topping focuses on one of the following skills:

  • Comparing
  • Contrasting
  • Wh-questions
  • Categories
  • Associations
  • Functions

There are multiple ways to play, so students will get plenty of practice as they try to balance the burger and win!

Includes: 14 burger pieces, plate, die, stickers, 50 content cards

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in

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