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Multiple Meaning Words – Balancing Burger Companion Cards

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Ages: 6 and up

Grades: 1st and up

Speech Corner’s Balancing Burger—Multiple Meanings Companion Cards is a set of homonym cards to support growth in vocabulary acquisition and flexibility. Use these cards in conjunction with the original Balancing Language Burger game (#SC-1000) which contains all the game pieces and motivational components. Players take turns working together to build a complete burger by rolling the die, answering questions, and adding toppings to the burger. Players need to be careful because the wobbly plate makes it a true balancing feat.

The 50 content cards illustrate the six distinct burger toppings. Each burger topping focuses on a specific multiple meaning question to help increase the breadth and depth of the students’ vocabulary acquisition as they use it in a sentence, define it, and state its part of speech. Multiple game variations give students plenty of practice as they try to balance the burger and win the game!

Includes: 50 content cards, 2 game variation cards

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in

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