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Carryover Techniques

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Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Author: Pam Marshalla

Carryover is the term that commonly refers to a client’s ability to take a speech skill learned in the therapy room and to apply it broadly in all speaking situations. Many speech-language clients acquire this skill almost immediately and without effort, but there are those who do not. A special focus on carryover is needed for them.

This book is research-based and practical. It contains therapy ideas to ponder and use during the process of carryover training. The text contains an integration of ideas from five sources:

  • Published research reports
  • Modern textbooks on articulation and phonology
  • Historical textbooks on articulation therapy
  • The author’s three decades of clinical experience
  • Games and activities contributed by hundreds of professional speech-language pathologists.


  • What is Carryover?
  • Studies of Generalization and Carryover
  • Managing the Carryover Process
  • Self-Monitoring and Carryover
  • Speech Production Activities for Carryover
  • The Role of Behavior Modification in Carryover
  • Conversational Speech in the Carryover Process
  • Personality, Emotion, and Attitude in Carryover
  • Games and Activities to Promote Carryover

Includes: 170 pages

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