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Bjorem Minimal Pairs: Voicing

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Ages: 3 and up

Grades: PreK and up

The Bjorem Voicing Minimal Pair Cards are for children who present with the error pattern of voicing or devoicing. For example, your child might look at a picture of a “pear” but say “bear” instead. The minimal pairs therapy approach has been used to treat children who have mild-severe phonological impairments.

The Bjorem Voicing Minimal Pair Cards:
  • Targets voicing of plosives & fricatives
  • Total of 56 cards (50 minimal pair cards)
  • 3 different types of cue cards
  • Includes words in initial and final position
  • Target sounds include: ‘p’ vs. ‘b’, ‘t’ vs. ‘d’, ‘k’ vs. ‘g’, ‘s’ vs. ‘z’, and ‘f’ vs. ‘v’

Includes: 56 cards

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Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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