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5 Minute Kids – Manual

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Ages: 4 and up

Grades: PreK and up

Author: Susan M. Sexton and Linda Eve Seth

This program is a creative, effective service delivery model for students working on articulation skills. Very often in traditional pull-out group therapy, students in the group alternate during the sessions between actively working on sounds with the SLP and passively waiting while others receive the direct instruction and practice. This program was built to minimize the amount of unproductive “down time” and time out of the general education curriculum, while maximizing active, individualized learning. Comparative data collected during the four-year pilot implementation of this program illustrated that students participating in the 5 Minute Kids program were discharged five and a half months earlier than the students receiving traditional services and were able to spend 47 more hours in their general education classroom setting.

5-Minute Kids is a program for delivering services to students with speech sound disorders by scheduling short, individual drill sessions. This program requires little planning for the professional and minimal time out of the classroom for the student. The child receives therapy in the hallway for a designated number of five-minute sessions, based on therapy needs. This program is structured to allow individual students to practice intensively on their individual goals, and to achieve a high number of correct responses. Here is what is included:

  • Information and Implementation
  • Baseline Testing Forms
  • Pictures and Sentence Cards for Testing
  • Data Forms
  • Lesson Plan and Homework Sheets
  • Attendance Calendars

This manual explains the program and gives you everything you need to set up this program. There are six individual books addressing the specific sound targets in the 5-Minute Therapy series. Those individual books contain the day-to-day therapy stimuli and can be purchased separately.

Includes: 78 pages

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