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Ages: 4 and up

Grades: PreK and up

These are designed to teach both basic sequencing and advanced picture interpretation skills. This set features a mix of familiar sequences and those that may require more discussion and expansion. Each sequence set includes 6 colorful, glossy line-drawn pictures designed for sequencing, narration and description, and detail analysis. These cards are also ideal for additional language goals such as predicting, problem-solving, verbs, pronouns, sentence structure, inferencing, and reasoning skills. Sequences include:

• Raking the Leaves
• Ordering Ice Cream
• Building a Doghouse
• Cutting a Fruit Salad
• Preparing a Fish Tank
• Setting up a Campfire
• Making a Birthday Sign
• Nighttime Routine

How It Works:

Individual picture cards can be used on their own or as a complete picture scene set to target many language goals including sentence formulation, use of nouns, verbs and verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, temporal concepts, main idea, exposure to basic concepts, and more. Below are a few different ways Spark Cards can be used, and you can create your own ideas as well!

Sequence it! Present some or all of the cards to the child and have them put the cards in the correct order.

Ask it! Ask the “WH” questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW.

Describe it! Have the child formulate a sentence and describe the picture scenes.

Narrate it! Have the child tell the story using narrative skills and connect the pictures using sequencing terms such as: then, next, before, after, first, last, beginning, middle, and in the end.

Analyze it! Have the child notice picture details and identify which details are the clues to determine the order of the pictures. Use a dry erase marker to highlight scene details.

Notice it! Notice the character emotions and changes of details in the picture card sets.

Connect it! Connect the events in the story picture cards to something you did, you know or experienced.


Advanced Level Activities:

Expand it! Practice critical thinking skills and ask, “What happened before?”, “What might happen next?”, “What other events are happening during the events in this picture?”

Summarize it! Ask the child to identify the main idea. Have the child name the story with a story title.

Perceive it! Critical thinking: “What is the character thinking?”, “What is the character saying?”

Draw it! Have the child draw a scene that might have happened before, after, and/or between the events in the picture card scenes.

Write it! Have the child work on writing skills and write a story about the picture cards.

Create it! Have the child create another similar sequenced story. Compare and contrast the stories.

These high quality cards are child friendly and made of strong card stock so they won’t rip. Large 4.5″ x 4.5″ cards for easy viewing. Each box contains an answer key with a question guide for each picture. TIP: Use a dry erase marker to highlight picture details while working with your child. Dry erase markings are easily erasable so cards can be used again and again.

Target Age Range: 4 and up

Adaptable for all ages! Spark Cards are a perfect speech therapy game for classroom and center-based activities, individual therapy sessions, and at home with parents and the entire family. The skill level of cards is adaptable to many levels by simply trimming or using all the cards in a set. To achieve higher level skills and critical thinking, use all 6 picture cards as a set. The sets can also be trimmed to 3-4 picture scenes by removing 2-3 picture cards for lower-level sequencing and story retelling. The complexity of the questions can also be adjusted according to the age and skill level of the child.

Includes: 36 cards, activity guide

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