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Phono Bingo

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Ages: 4-12

Grades: PreK-6th

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Did someone yell, “Bingo”? Children will love practicing their speech sounds with this new spin on the traditional bingo game format. They even get to use real ink daubers (non-toxic and washable) to mark out their cards (item # KP-100, sold separately). This 162 page reproducible workbook contains 125 different game boards to practice specific phonemes within six common phonological processes:

  • Final Consonant Deletion (P/B, T/D, M/N, S/Z, K/G)

  • Velar Deviations (K/G initial and final, NG, and mixed velars)

  • Stridency Deletion (F initial, S initial, S/Z final, SH initial, and mixed stridents

  • Cluster Reduction (initial S clusters, final S clusters, and mixed clusters

  • Gliding (R initial, R final, R blends, L initial, L final, L blends)

  • Syllable Reduction (two syllable words and three syllable words)

162 Pages

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Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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