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Motivational Language Activities for Adolescents

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Ages: 10 and up

Grades: 5th and up

Author: Michele Drake

Here is a workbook that fills in the gap for speech-language pathologists working with children ages 10-17 years old. This workbook is geared toward the adolescent population. It targets oral and written activities to improve general language skills with an added motivational component.

  • Skills targeted include: categories, attributes, sentence formulation, exclusions, sequencing, definitions, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, functions, writing activities, and more.
  • Pages formatted with an older audience in mind–no silly, younger-looking art
  • Students answer questions with a point system in place and more sophisticated answers earn a greater amount of points.

You need to motivate those students that have been in therapy many years, so try doing it with Motivating Language Activities for Adolescents!

140 Pages

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