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Instruction Manual – Speech Corner Cycles Approach Cases

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Ages: 3 and up
Grades: Pre-K and up
Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Speech Corner—Cycles Approach Cases Instruction Manual was designed to assist speech-language pathologists (and assistants) in implementing the Cycles Approach using the Speech Corner—Cycles Approach Cases. (This manual is already included with item SC-810). However, many SLPs have asked that we sell it individually. This is for those who want to implement the cycles approach, but don’t need the word cards/titles, auditory bombardment cards, or motivators that are included in the cases. Maybe you want to implement this approach but are confused about what the approach is. Or if you are a little rusty on how to plan and set up your therapy sessions. This manual will help the busy SLP with target selection tips and how to implement the steps in a straightforward manner.  This approach is designed to improve the development of intelligible speech patterns in children with severe-to-profound expressive phonological impairments. This is a quick 48-page manual that gives you everything you need to know to implement the cycles approach with confidence and ease. It is full of easy-to-understand explanations, tables, forms, and homework sheets to make your life easier.

This manual includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of the Cycles Approach
    • What is it?
    • Who is a good client for this approach?
    • What is a cycle?
    • What are primary patterns?
    • How do I know what to target in a cycle?
    • What sounds do I target in therapy?
    • What words do I address in therapy?
    • How much time do I spend on each sound?
    • How many productions per session?
    • Do I only target single words?
    • When are patterns eliminated from a cycle?
    • When are secondary targets introduced?
    • What are secondary patterns?
    • What sounds are included in secondary patterns?
  • Overview of Implementation
    • How does implementation look during a therapy session?
    • How do I review previous therapy words?
    • How do I implement auditory bombardment words?
    • How do I introduce new words?
    • How do I participate in production-practice?
    • How do I incorporate metaphonological activities?
    • How do I conduct a stimulabilty probe?
    • How do I implement home practice?
    • How do I avoid making common mistakes?
  • Planning Forms (many are included for ease in treatment planning and target sound/word selection)
  • Homework Sheets for the following patterns:
    • Syllable Reduction
    • Final Consonant Deletion
    • Initial Consonant Deletion
    • Cluster Reduction—Final /s/-Clusters
    • Cluster Reduction—Initial /s/-Clusters
    • Fronting
    • Backing
    • Gliding
    • Deaffrication
    • Cluster Reduction—Triple /s/-Clusters
    • Cluster Reduction—Liquid /l/ & /r/-Clusters
    • Stopping Initial Fricatives
    • Stopping Final Fricatives
  • References

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