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The Cycles Approach – High-Intensity Repetitions – Speech Corner Photo Cards

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Ages: 3 and up

Grades: PreK and up

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

This collection of 50 double-sided cards presents three photographs with four repetitions on each side prompting 24 repetitions per card. If a student completes one card four times during a therapy session, he/she will have approximately 100 trials for that session. All phonological processes corresponding to primary patterns are addressed:

  • Syllable Reduction
  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Initial Consonant Deletion
  • Cluster Reduction—Final /s/-Clusters
  • Cluster Reduction—Initial /s/-Clusters
  • Fronting
  • Backing
  • Gliding

A selected number of phonological processes targeting secondary processes are also included for subsequent cycles including:

  • Deaffrication
  • Cluster Reduction
  • Stopping

Additional quick reference cards give the therapist a brief overview of the cycles approach and a detailed list of the phonological processes, their typical ages of elimination, and whether the process is a primary or secondary pattern. The index card lists the order of the phonological processes throughout the deck and their specific card numbers for easy retrieval and organization.

Includes: 50 double-sided cards

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