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Dragon Dash

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Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Dragon Dash is a cooperative early learning game for kids. This means that all players are teammates and have the same goal. Either everyone wins, or everyone is defeated!

The Queen has called on her fearless knights to help unite the kingdom. In this cooperative game, players must build a safe path across the green fields of Dragonwood while dashing past diving dragons! Will you make it before you run out of resources? Or will the dragons be victorious?

Kids will enjoy rolling the jumbo dice, which are used to set the coordinates for where the dragon should land. If the dragon lands on one of the three Knight’s Gear, then the team has defeated the dragon and can continue on their path. But, if the dragon lands on one of the path tiles, the team is blocked and better hope that they have another path exit to continue on their way!

Includes: Large game board, 21 path tiles, 16 dragon tiles, 3 knight’s gear tiles, 2 dice, instructions

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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