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Double Dice Articulation – Spanish

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Ages: 3 and up

Grades: Pre-K and up

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

We are listening to our customers and now we have Double Dice Articulation–Spanish! This workbook works just like the other Double Dice workbooks:

  •  A student rolls the double dice and sees what shape was rolled on the outer die.
  • He/she finds that shape on their game sheet and says the word, phrase, or sentence corresponding to that shape the amount of times indicated on the inner die.
  • He/she colors in a portion of the game sheet as indicated in the directions.
  • The next student has a turn and this continues until the worksheet is complete.It targets 19 Spanish sounds and separates them by positions.

If you are a bilingual SLP and are tired of the limited Spanish articulation resources available, then you will truly love this workbook and so will the students you serve! The targeted sounds are:

  • ch
  • /f/
  • /h/
  • y
  • /s/
  • /r/
  • /r/-blends
  • rr
  • /l/
  • /l/-blends
  • /t/
  • /d/
  • /b/
  • /p/
  • /g/
  • /k/
  • /n/
  • /m/

A double dice is sold separately (2 Pack: DD-100 or 1 Pack: DD-105).

All game sheets are played in a similar manner, so you can mix-and-match game pages within a single therapy group (i.e., one student can be working on /s/ and another working on /r/ and both can be working in the same group). You can even combine your Spanish and English articulation groups, if you have any of the English Double Dice versions!

Includes: 221 pages, reproducible

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