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Dot Preschool Language & Vocabulary Spanish

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Ages: 3 and up

Grades: Pre-K and up

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

DOT Preschool Language and Vocabulary–Spanish is the perfect Spanish resource for preschool SLPs and Head Start teachers! Let your preschool students “dot” their way to better vocabulary and language skills with these wonderful game sheets.

Each student gets a game sheet targeting a specific skill and a washable paint marker. Students follow the directions, dotting each dot as he/she practices the target skill (both expressive & receptive language are targeted). This workbook targets the following language and vocabulary skills in Spanish:

  • Vocabulary—nouns (2 difficulty levels)
  • Vocabulary—verbs (2 difficulty levels)
  • Vocabulary—adjectives
  • Functions
  • Descriptions
  • Things That Go Together
  • Classifying
  • Categories
  • What Doesn’t Belong
  • Create Your Own Master Sheets

You will absolutely love how involved and motivated your younger students will be. Paint markers/Ink daubers sold separately (ZG-180).

Includes: 223 pages, reproducible

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