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Dot Idioms

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Ages: 8 and up

Grades: 3rd and up

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Dot Idioms was developed for speech-language pathologists working with students who have trouble understanding idiomatic expressions. The lessons are especially effective for students with high-functioning autism, learning disabilities, and limited English proficiency. The tasks require no writing and emphasize determining meaning via context. Appropriate photographs are used to illustrate meaning (no silly literal art is used that can potentially confuse your students). Your students will:

  • Listen to and/or read a short paragraph containing a specific idiom in a relatable context.
  • Answer questions using the information from the paragraph to accurately define, explain, and relate the idiom to current situations.
  • Match idioms to their definitions.

Each student gets a game sheet targeting an idiom and a washable paint marker (sold separately item # ZG-180). The student follows the directions, dotting each dot as he/she answers the questions. We know how essential understanding figurative language can be. Let’s teach our students in a motivating and interactive way so that they will succeed.

Includes: 195 pages, reproducible

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