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Daily Comprehension 21st Century Big Set

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Ages: 11-18

Grades: 5th-12th

RL: 3.0-4.9

This 21st Century Daily Comprehension resource is an updated version of our popular Daily Comprehension series. A high-interest, nonfiction story has been chosen for each day of the month. The stories are a combination of historical, scientific, record-breaking, sports, and pop culture events that happened on that particular day. All of the stories are about events that occurred during the 21st Century.

Care was taken to choose topics that appeal to a wide-range of interests. Students will learn some serious and fun facts while improving their reading skills. A page of skill-based questions follows each story. Comprehension skills include: facts, locating the answer, cause and effect, fact or opinion, sequence, main idea, conclusion, inference, context, and comparison.

Includes: 9-book set

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