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Speech Corner Photo Cards for Prevocalic and Vocalic R— Single Words (High-Intensity Repetitions)

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Ages:  4 and up

Grades: PreK and up

These cards were created to provide clinicians with realistic photographs containing functional targets which are also age-appropriate for a wide range of clients. These cards are specifically designed for high-intensity practice during speech sound production intervention for prevocalic /ɹ/ and the main allophonic variations of /ɹ/, including: /aɹ/, /ɔr/, /aɪɹ/, /ɛɹ/, /ɪɹ/, and /ɝ, ɚ/. These cards are ideal for students in elementary school and junior high. Since these cards contain vibrant photographs, they can be used with older teens and adults, too.

Now your /ɹ/ students can get the needed repetitions for success by using these colorful photo cards which have 10 open circles at the bottom of each card for tangible repetitions. Students can touch the circles, use a dry-erase marker to mark the circles, or place small objects/stickers in them as they practice and complete the repetitions needed for progress.

  • These cards have 110 different target words.
  • They cover the following sounds:
    • prevocalic r (divided by the vowel proceeding for a wide selection of  targets and facilitating contexts)
    • ar
    • or
    • ire
    • or
    • air
    • er
    • r-blends
  • Each section is divided by word position I/M/F.
  • There are 10 repetitions per target.
  • Color-coded for easy sorting.

Includes:  110 target words on 55 double-sided cards

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Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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