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My Little Zoo

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Ages: 3 and up

Grades: PreK and up

My Little Zoo is a hands-on multi-sensory, interactive felt toy which can be used flat,  or easily transformed into a unique reversible 3-dimensional playset.

Created by a speech and language professional with 30+ years of working with kids to build early language skills, virtually every part of My Little Zoo was designed with an educational purpose.

The 37 brilliantl- colored soft, sticking felt pieces are used to promote receptive and expressive language; to teach whowhat, and where questions; to develop matching skills; and as a springboard for demonstrating storytelling skills.

The pieces include zoo animals of land and sea, zookeepers, inclusive multi-racial and multi-generational family members that all kids will relate to, a safari jeep, and PILES OF ANIMAL POOP!

Each one of those 37 felt pieces addresses an early language concept! Every piece has a purpose!

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 1 in


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