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Let's Get This Day Started, Grades 4-6

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Ages: 9-11

Grades: 4th-6th

Start your day off right with quick, high-interest, reading passages that provide students with purposeful and accessible fluency and reading-comprehension practice. Designed to be flexible enough for daily or weekly use, choose from 85 fiction and nonfiction reading passages organized into 17 themed units. Each reading passage includes multiple-choice questions that challenge students to exercise a variety of reading skills and strategies. Each themed unit culminates with a writing activity that requires students to revisit and integrate information from the various texts in the unit. The passages and activities can be used to enhance student’s reading proficiency throughout the school year. This is a three book set which targets 4th, 5th, and 6th grade material.

Includes: 3 book set, 112 pages per book

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