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Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information

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Ages: 9-13

Grades: 3rd-7th

Author: Jean Gilliam DeGaetano

This book is for older students (ages 9-13) and is designed to strengthen comprehension, memory of specific information, understanding subtle messages and describing daily events. Improving in these skill areas can help students talk about their own activities and experiences with more ease.

The goals of these activities in this book are:

  • To listen attentively to the short stories.
  • To remember the logical order of the events.
  • To retail the main information.
  • To retail specific details.
  • To remember subtle points of the story.
  • To remember time concepts in the story.
  • To remember two and three part stories. (Resembling remembering chapters in a book.)
  • To retell the main ideas in sequential order.

Contains: 88 pages

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