Are you looking for CEUs, or just brushing up on some things you haven’t used in a while? Here are a few resources that you may find helpful:

Hanen Workshops

These workshops are online, with a focus on evidence-based and parent-centered approaches. The time frames vary to allow for SLPs in most time zones to be able to find one that fits their schedule, especially if you have Summers off. The Hanen Centre offers a range of workshops tailored to different populations and settings, including workshops for parents of children with language delays (e.g., It Takes Two to Talk®), workshops for early childhood educators (e.g., Learning Language and Loving It™), and workshops for SLPs working with children with autism spectrum disorder (e.g., More Than Words®).

Graham Speech Therapy

Amy Graham, MA, CCC-SLP also has a variety of online courses on the Cycles Approach, Complexity Approach, Oral-Facial Exams, Lateral Lisps, and more. She is the author of the Bjorem Phonology Cycles Intervention Bundle Set #1 and Set #2. Most courses are an hour or two and you have access to them for 60 days, so plenty of time to view and take notes. A certificate of completion is then emailed after your complete the course.

Be the Brightest

You will find several of your favorite SLPs from social media have courses available on this continuing education platform! Courses are organized by Speech Sound Disorders, AAC, Language, Intervention, BizCon Series, Summer Camp, Ethics, Supervision, DEI, and more. “Be the Brightest” makes it easy to keep track of which courses you have completed. There is something here for SLPs in every practice setting!


These resources encompass a wide range of topics, including clinical techniques, evidence-based practices, research updates, and potential professional networking opportunities. Whether it’s attending conferences, participating in online courses, accessing research journals, or engaging in hands-on workshops, you have numerous avenues for continuing education and professional growth.