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Interactive Reading Books: The Ups and Downs of Opposites

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Ages: 4 and up

Grades: PreK and up

In the Ups and Downs of Opposites, two sentences on each page give examples of pairs of opposites. The concepts targeted are:

  • old/young
  • boy/girl
  • dirty/clean
  • open/closed
  • day/night
  • full/empty
  • fast/slow
  • big/little
  • hot/cold
  • on/off
  • up/down
  • hard/soft

In the book, students match the pictures, identify them, and label them according the the sentences stated (e.g., The dishes are dirty. The clothes are clean.). The students put the appropriate pictures and words together. (e.g., Dishes with dirty and clothes with clean). Students read the sentences with the pictures, then without the pictures, and finally with all the sentences mixed up to make sure students are truly reading.

Another fun activity is to take one picture of each set, (e.g., keep the “clean” card and put the “dirty” card away) then put the cards face down. Have the child randomly pick up a card, label it and then tell you the opposite. The pictures represent examples of opposites. You can also ask the students to give you other examples of the same concept (e.g., The nut is hard. The feather is soft. Can you tell me something else that is hard? Soft?).

Includes: 1 book, 24 Velcro pieces illustrating 12 pairs of opposites

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