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Interactive Reading Books: I Have Feelings, Too!

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Ages: 12 and up

Grades: Teens and up

Utilizing the power of visual strategies, beginning readers learn to associate pictures with words. Students move original, Velcro-backed drawings to match, identify, label, sequence, and create sentences while learning to read! Students can also use the pictures to answer simple questions, follow directions, identify common objects/actions, respond to yes/no questions, and general language development.

This book was designed to help teens, adults, and seniors learn to identify and express their emotions. The feelings targeted include: calm, bored, afraid, confused, curious, disappointed, happy, frustrated, guilty, excited, hurt, impatient, lonely, loved, worried, sad, proud, and mad. Each of the 20 subsequent pages allows the person to place the picture in the correct sentence. Example sentences include, “I feel _____ when I am with my friends and family”; I feel _____ when people say they will come and they don’t”; “I feel _____ when I have to wait for others”; “I feel _____ when I do not know what to expect”; etc.

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