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Interactive Reading Books: I Go To School

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Ages: 4 and up

Grades: PreK and up

Utilizing the power of visual strategies, beginning readers learn to associate pictures with words. Students move original, Velcro-backed drawings to match, identify, label, sequence, and create sentences while learning to read! Children can also use the pictures to answer simple questions, follow directions, identify common objects/actions, respond to yes/no questions, and general language development.

I Go To School uses the vocabulary and activities you might find in a typical school day. Using 4 picture pages and 12 sentence pages, the pictures in this book resemble a visual schedule. Aside from matching, identifying, labeling, creating sentences and learning to read, students can also use the pictures to answer simple questions. If the student is verbal, he can respond verbally, but if he is non-verbal, he can point to a picture. (ex: What do you do with a pencil? Answer: Write)

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