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Infographics – Grade 2

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Ages: 7 and up

Grades: 2nd and up

Deepen students’ understanding and improve performance with cross-curricular practice that presents high-interest topics in a visual format. Made from durable card stock and featuring perforated pages, the Infographics books are laminated for your convenience, making them Ready to Go and perfect for use in centers.

Infographics for grade 2 features attention-grabbing visuals to help students comprehend essential math, ELA, social studies, and science concepts. By presenting data in a colorful, visual way, infographics hold interest while students process information quickly and easily.

Present facts in a visually engaging, cross-curricular learning format to help students quickly and easily comprehend information. Infographics for grade 2 provides language arts- and math-based questions related to social studies and science topics such as Columbus Day, rain forests, and more.

Infographics for grade 2 offers a time-saving, cross-curricular solution that supports 21st century learning. Filled with full-color visuals, Infographics for grade 2 illustrates essential facts and appeals to learners. The engaging infographics in this book help students successfully comprehend a large amount of data and answer corresponding questions. With a variety of high-interest science and social studies topics, these infographics are perfect to use individually for skill review or as an instructional resource. Students will learn to use a variety of nonfiction text features such as:

  • headings
  • diagrams
  • maps
  • sidebars
  • timelines
  • graphs

The high-interest topics and full-color visuals keep students engaged in practicing valuable skills, from computation to using text features. This all-in-one series supports academic growth through concept application and enhanced critical thinking skills.

Includes: 80 pages

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