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Dot Therapy Reinforcers

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Ages: 3-12

Grades: PreK-6th

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

These open-ended reproducible worksheets are the perfect way for you to target any skill you desire in a motivating format. Upon answering a question, articulating a specific sound/word/sentence, illustrating a concept, or demonstrating any specific target response the students have the opportunity to mark up their game sheet using paint markers (bingo-type markers). When the game sheet is completed and all the circles are filled in, the paint marker activity and the student’s work on that specific target response are finished. The clinician is able to modify the length of the activity by dictating how many circles get “dotted” per correct response. DOT Therapy Reinforcers includes:

  • Twenty-two (22) theme-based sections with ten (10) pages each. Sections include: dragons & wizards, clowning around, jungle exploration, cowboy adventures, prehistoric journey, the soda shop, outer space, pirates, the sea, penguin fun, and much more!
  • Each page has twenty (20) open circles to be dotted in which allows different students to be working on different worksheets while still be engaged in the same therapy session.
  • Therapists/Instructors have the freedom to target any therapy (fluency, voice, articulation, language, reading, etc.)
  • Specific ending point. When the page is completed, then the student knows the activity is over. (Great for children who need specific starting and ending points.)

This is the perfect therapy tool for those instructors that know what they want to target in therapy, but need a fun and motivating way to target that skill. Paint markers/Ink daubers sold separately (ZG-180).

Includes: 220 pages, reproducible

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