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The Language of Math for Young Learners

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Ages: 6-9

Grades: 1st-4th

Author: Marilyn Toomey

Are you working with students with language difficulties and seeing that their language challenges are also making them have a difficult time in math? Students in primary grades meet dozens of words as they work through their math curriculum. Words representing:

  • Numbers
  • Quantities
  • Order
  • Size
  • Comparison
  • Operations
  • Measurement
  • Money
  • Patterns
  • Shapes

This book helps you to present words from these categories in friendly, simple activities that are different than those you’ll find in curriculum math materials. You can give your students with language difficulties more practice in learning words that are so important for success in math! Not only do children meet words representing math “concepts” in their math curriculum, they are faced with understanding and talking about math “operations.” What a challenge for our language students! Many of the activities in this book draw children into simple math operations and encourage them to “talk through” these operations.Math helps us everyday. Activities in this book are designed to stimulate conversations and lessons where math concepts function to help quantify, manipulate, and organize everyday experiences.Working through the activities in The Language of Math For Young Learners will guide you to weave math language concepts through your thinking and talk about what you did!

Includes: 135 pages, reproducible

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