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The Entire World of R Instructional Workbook

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Ages: 4-and up

Grades: PreK-6th

Author: Christine Ristuccia

The Entire World of R Instructional Workbook advances a new phonological strategy for evaluating and treating the /r/ phoneme. If you haven’t heard of this approach and you treat students with /r/ problems, then this is a book you need! It explains everything!

Here is what is included:

  • Each chapter focuses on a distinct variation of /r/ (Prevocalic /r/, ar, or, ear, ire, air, er, and rl).
  • Each chapter is further separated by initial, medial, and final word positions.
  • There are sections providing an evaluation protocol, treatment strategies, mouth positioning diagrams, and step-by-step case studies with detailed actions showing how to implement a phonological strategy.
  • There are many practice worksheets that can be used in the classroom and then sent home for homework.
  • Worksheet activities are for the word, phrase, sentence, and carry-over levels.
  • Includes a convenient progress card and graduation certificate.

This is a great resource for explaining the phonologically based /r/ program that is easy to use and fun for your kids. Also includes tactile and visual awareness exercises designed to get your students saying /r/ in no time!

Includes: 224 Pages

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