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The Entire World of R Flip Books

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Ages: 5-12

Grades: K-6th

Remediating /r/ has never been more fun!  Your frustrations with treating vocalic /r/ are over. Your students will love /r/ therapy with these 8 colorful change-a-story flip books. Based on the highly effective program targeting /r/ through the various vocalic subsets, this 8-book set targets each of the eight variations of /r/: /ar, air, ear, er, ire, or, prevocalic r, and rl/. And now for the first time /r/ blends and recurrent /r/ are also included. Vocalic /r/ has never been easier.

Students can change stories by flipping one of three panels that comprise each sentence story. Use the books as an aid to focus on single words, phrases, sentences or conversational speech. Stories are divided and color coded by word position (initial, medial, and final) for focused therapy. Books vary in size from 51 to 72 panels (17-24 pages).

This 8 book set includes:

  • Book 1: The Entire World of AR
  • Book 2: The Entire World of AIR
  • Book 3: The Entire World of EAR
  • Book 4: The Entire World of ER
  • Book 5: The Entire World of OR
  • Book 6: The Entire World of Recurrent R and IRE
  • Book 7: The Entire World of Prevocalic R and RL
  • Book 8: The Entire World of R Blends

The books are versatile. Besides articulation practice, you can use the books for expressive and receptive language development. Great for teaching and practicing verb tenses, pronouns, prepositional phrases, syntax, sentence formulation and word retrieval, why/how prediction, Wh-questions, vocabulary development, basic concepts and story telling. You will never run out of sentences, there are over 5,000 sentence stories in each book!

Includes: 8 flip books, books vary is size from 51 to 72 panels (17-24 pages)

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