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The Entire World of R Book of Stories

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Ages: 5-and up

Grades: K-and up

Author: Sheila McGovern and Christine Ristuccia

The Entire World of R Book of Stories offers an advanced level articulation tool for dealing with the difficult /r/ phoneme. This book uses a phonological strategy that is centered on the 21 types of /r/ and focuses on reading, structured conversation and conversational speech level activities. Here is what is included:

  • 63 phonologically pure /r/ stories.
  • All 21 types of /r/ are represented by 3 different stories.
  • Each story is accompanied by an illustration.
  • Each chapter focuses on a distinct variation of /r/: Pre-vocalic /r/, vocalic /ar/, /or/, /ear/, /ire/, /air/, /er/ & /rl/. All are further separated by initial, medial and final word positions.
  • The unique aspect of this tool is that only the target /r/ phoneme appears in each story. No other /r/ words are present to confuse and frustrate your students.
  • Each story has an average of 8 target words that are highlighted for easy reference.
  • Comprehension questions are included with every story.

This is a great reproducible workbook to use when students have just about mastered each /r/ allophone. It provides the challenge that students mastering /r/ need!

Includes: 150+ Pages

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