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The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques

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Ages: 5-Adult

Grades: K-and up

Author: Christine Ristuccia, Daymon Gilbert, and James Ristuccia

This is the WOW Resource for /r/ you’ve always wanted! The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques contains a wealth of tips, tricks and techniques to elicit and remediate the difficult /r/ phoneme.  It expands on the concepts of the popular The Entire World of R Instructional Workbook with more detailed therapy methods, /r/ probe word lists, and step-by-step instructions on how to elicit each sound (including oral movement exercises). A number of treatment methods such as co-articulation, whisper, using cognates, single versus multiple syllable, and using nonsense words are covered in-depth with clear, easy to follow examples.
Includes a copy of the new Advanced Screening for /r/ screening form (instructor copy*) which assesses all 21 vocalic /r/s and 11 /r/ blends–32 different /r/’s!
The Advanced Screening greatly simplifies the task of selecting intervention targets and tracking /r/ progress through empirical data collection and analysis. This method, research tested and evidence based, provides you with exact detail to determine your students present levels of performance. Each of 21 vocalic /r/s and 11 /r/ blends are screening by word position and by single word, phrase and sentence contexts for exceptionally precise evaluations.
Also included is the instructor copy* of the extremely targeted Elicitation Probe, which assesses /r/ production ability with all contexts of /r/ with all English phonemes. This tells you precisely which consonantal/vowel /r/ combinations a student can and cannot say. This is the most definitive assessment for /r/ available.
This book contains everything you always wanted to know–from accents, evaluation, treatment strategies, homework, and working with groups. There is even a separate chapter on oral movement techniques including a complete oral movement assessment to be used when your students have no /r/ productions. Additionally, every sound has it’s own sound specific chapter with:

  • Auditory, visual and tactile cueing techniques
  • Production techniques for oral positioning for jaw, tongue and lip placement (with diagrams)
  • Visual hand cues for reinforcement
  • Large “letter” (e.g. Big OR) and character activity sheets for visual and tactile reinforcement
  • Co-articulation worksheets for attaining initial, medial and final word positions
  • Probe lists sorted by word position (initial, medial and final) and consonantal contexts for immediate practice and elicitation therapy (no fumbling to make-up words)

Also, included are the following forms which will make your life easier:

  • Advanced Screening
  • Elicitation Probe
  • Choosing a Target Checklist
  • Goals
  • Advanced Screening Results
  • Oral Movement Assessment
  • Daily Data Collection Sheet
  • Daily Tally Sheet
  • Homework & Letter to the Parents
  • R Progress Chart (2 formats) & R Graduation Certificate

When used with the recommended treatment techniques, your students will be saying /r/ in no time at all. This book will answer all your /r/ questions, Including: Where do I start with /r/ and how do I remediate really persistent /r/s? Ages 5+.

Includes: 276 pages

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