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The Entire World of R Advanced Screening

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Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Authors: Sheila McGovern and Christine Ristuccia

The most detailed evaluation tool for /r/ ever developed. Greatly simplifies the task of intervention target selection and tracking /r/ present level of performance. Know which of the 32 different /r/ combinations your students are having difficulty producing. An essential resource for any evidence-based practice. Includes:

  • Pad of 30 Advanced Screening Forms — Each form is in a large 11 x17″ double-sided format for or easy reading and recording. Score all 21 types of vocalic /r/ and 11 blends.
  • Comprehensive Elicitation Probe for all combinations of consonantal and vocalic /r/ — In-depth assessment of each possible vocalic-consonantal and consonantal-vocalic combination. Ten copies of pull out forms are included.
  • Student copies — Easily administer both the Advanced Screening and Elicitation Probe with clear, easily readable copies.
  • Lots and lots of pull out forms — including results forms for you to record data and develop trends that show improvement.
  • Includes a convenient progress card and graduation certificate.

This is a great resource for explaining the phonologically based /r/ program that is easy to use and fun for your kids. Also includes tactile and visual awareness exercises designed to get your students saying /r/ in no time!

Includes: 151 Pages

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