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Standards-Based Connections K-2

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Ages: 5-7

Grades: K-2nd

Improve reading comprehension scores with this personalized approach. Adding the Standards-Based Connections books to your curriculum will help you identify learning gaps so that you can redirect focus as needed. Complete with skill assessments, practice pages, and self-assessing “I Can” statements, the books in this set are sure to help your students stay on track. There is one book per grade level (K, 1st, and 2nd).

Standards-Based Connections Reading for grades K-2 offers focused skill practice in reading comprehension. A skill assessment will point out students’ learning gaps. This allows teachers to choose appropriate student pages for individualized remediation. The student pages emphasize five important reading comprehension skills: summarizing, inferring, story elements, comparing and contrasting, and cause and effect. The books include high-interest fiction and nonfiction, with texts about various topics (i.e., puppies, lizards, birds, glaciers, clubhouse detectives, and more).

Each of the 3 books in this set is 96 pages and includes a skill assessment, an assessment analysis, targeted practice pages, and an answer key, making this series an ideal resource for differentiation and remediation. The skill assessments and assessment analyses help teachers determine individualized instructional needs. The focused, comprehensive practice pages and self-assessments guide students to reflection and exploration for deeper learning!

Includes: 3 books, each with 96 pages, reproducible

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