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Solve Then Say R

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Grades: 3rd-and up

Author: Sheila McGovern and Christine Ristuccia

Great /r/ carryover practice for middle and high school students!
Over 270 pages packed with /r/ phoneme specific exercises. This books follows a phonetically consistent strategy for /r/ remediation by targeting one allophonic variation at a time. Now you will have a tone of /r/ carryover practice divided by phoneme that is great for all ages, but specifically designed with the older student in mind!

Includes multiple activity/homework sheets for Match and Say, Fill-in-the Blank, The Name Game, Scrambled Sentences and Word Find exercises for these sounds:

– All vocalic /r/’s including [ar, air, ear, er, ire, and or]
– Medial/final /rl/
– Prevocalic /r/
– Initial /r/ blends
– Recurrent /r/ (multiple /r/’s in a word)
– Mixed /r/

Written specifically for older students working on correct pronunciation of the /r/ sound. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.


270+ Pages

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