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S Articulation Double Dice Add-On Deck **Discounted Dented/Damaged**



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Ages: 5-12

Grades: K-6th

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

This is a discounted damaged item. Damaged items may have dents, scratches, or tears on their boxes/containers, but the contents of the product are undamaged. Save money with an uglier but perfect product!

Our motivating double dice card decks are now available for your articulation students. Providing speech therapy has never been easier or more productive. Now your students will be motivated to get numerous productions with ease at every level.

Here is how it works:

  1. The instructor sets out 9 cards face down on the table.
  2. A student rolls the double dice and sees what shape was rolled on the outer die.
  3. He/she finds that shape on the back of one of the card and turns the card over.
  4. He/she locates the number on the inner die and says the target (at the word, phrase, sentence, or sound-loaded sentence level) the number of times indicated by the inner die.
  5. The card is flipped back over.
  6. The next student has a turn and this continues until time runs out.

Since the potential target word and amount of repetition is dependent upon the roll of the double dice, students look forward to their turn with anticipation. You can now maximize your students therapy time by keeping them interested while simultaneously obtaining numerous repetitions needed for developing correct articulation habits.

Here is what is included in the deck:

  • A colorful photograph of the target word on 3″ x 5″ cards.
  • Target words separated by word position (I/M/F) and by syllable amount (1-syllable words and 2 syllable words)
  • Opportunities for production at the following levels: single word, phrase, sentence, and sound-loaded sentence.
  • 46 cards per deck.

Speech pathologists love how all students can be practicing their individual speech targets at the same time, within the same group, even when speech targets differ. If you have multiple decks, you can give each student their own cards and each time the dice is rolled all students practice the target on their specific cards. This makes scheduling more efficient and therapy more productive. This works with the language double dice decks too–you can combine articulation and language groups using the same format.

This is an add-on deck, so a double dice is not included. It is included with the Double Dice Articulation Combo Set (DDD-028C) or it may be purchased separately (2 Pack: DD-100 or 1 Pack: DD-105).

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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