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Phono Bingo - PDF Printable

SKU #WB-2300-PDF


Ages: 4-12

Grades: PreK-6th

Author: Rachele Ellsworth

**This is a PDF color printable of the Phono Bingo workbook. Licensed to a single user (sharing prohibited). District use prohibited.**

Did someone yell, “Bingo”? Children will love practicing their speech sounds with this new spin on the traditional bingo game format. They even get to use real ink daubers (non-toxic and washable) to mark out their cards (item # KP-100, sold separately). This 162 page reproducible workbook contains 125 different game boards to practice specific phonemes within six common phonological processes:

  • Final Consonant Deletion (P/B, T/D, M/N, S/Z, K/G)

  • Velar Deviations (K/G initial and final, NG, and mixed velars)

  • Stridency Deletion (F initial, S initial, S/Z final, SH initial, and mixed stridents

  • Cluster Reduction (initial S clusters, final S clusters, and mixed clusters

  • Gliding (R initial, R final, R blends, L initial, L final, L blends)

  • Syllable Reduction (two syllable words and three syllable words)

162 Pages


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