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Language Skills Mini File Folder Games

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Ages: 4-8

Grades: PreK-2nd

Improve the basic language and conversation skills of young children or children with special needs these Language Skills Mini File Folder Games. The games and learning activities are perfect for centers and learning stations. They will help with targeted remediation, vocabulary development and expansion, conversation building, and social skill improvement. Teachers can customize the activities to target specific learning needs. The file folders and game pieces are sturdy, high-interest, colorful, and will provide hours of fun and learning. The colorful, fun, and skill-targeted Mini File Folder Games are the ultimate in making learning fun. Each sturdy box includes 15 mini file folder games or activities for use with small groups, centers, or independent work time. The games are pre-printed you’ll only need to cut and laminate the game pieces! These are a must for all classrooms with young or special-needs learners.

Includes: 15 mini file folder games/activities

  • In the Kitchen
  • Put It Together
  • Dressing for the Weather
  • Opposites
  • What Is Wrong?
  • How Do I Feel?
  • Where Is It?
  • How Does It Feel?
  • We Belong Together
  • Things That Go Together
  • Animal Actions
  • What Do I Need?
  • What Am I?
  • Describe It
  • Where Does It Belong?
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