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Expanding and Combining Sentences

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Ages: 6-12

Grades: 1st-7th

Author: Marilyn Toomey

This book will help your students construct longer, more complex sentences. For students who talk or write in simple, uninteresting choppy sentences, this book will open gateways to success in language and literacy. Colorful picture pages along with specific instructions in this book provide a means of evoking interesting descriptive sentences from students. Activities encouraging combining simple sentences into larger, more interesting sentences are provided. Students can practice sentence combining by working through several pages of these activities. Guides for particular types of sentence combinations are also given. Students will be shown a way to build interesting descriptive sentences using color cues. Students learn to construct more elaborate sentences adding one element at a time. They’ll be amazed to hear themselves saying their wonderful sentences. If that’s not enough, you’ll find full-page color pictures with dozens of possibilities for developing interesting descriptive sentences. Following are examples of how your students can have fun. Have them finish these sentences by giving as much information as they can about each person or animal that you describe:

  1. The boy who’s blowing bubbles is wearing a . . .
  2. A girl with blond hair wearing a yellow shirt is chasing . . .
  3. The man who’s reading a book is . . .
  4. The woman wearing a blue dress is sitting on a picnic bench next to . . .
  5. A boy wearing a blue and white striped shirt and a baseball cap is . . .
  6. A boy with blond hair who’s wearing a red shirt and yellow shorts is . . .

Includes: 97 pages, reproducible

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