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Do Rugs

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Ages: 4-12

Grades: PreK-5th

Author: Debbie Hisam and Linda Seth

DO RUGS is a collection of activities that allow students to respond to stimuli/questions by actively DO-ing movements/actions on pre-marked RUGS. Both instructors and students will have fun with these engaging ideas for language learning.

DO RUG activities are especially useful for introducing or reinforcing basic skills. Because students respond by physically moving in some manner, they stay involved and focused. Students who stay involve learn and understand better. DO RUG actions involve students stepping or hopping onto RUGS, tossing a beanbag onto them, or tapping them with a flyswatter. These activities are especially good for students who learn best via tactile or kinesthetic means, and for others who need movement to stay engaged.
Lessons are designed to teach:

  • Auditory reception
  • Grammar
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Literacy
  • Morphology
  • Semantics

Includes: 44 pages

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