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Developing Language Comprehension Using Multisensory Activities

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Ages: 5-9

Grades: K-3rd

Author: Marilyn Toomey

Develop language comprehension and memory by using this multi-sensory approach (listening, looking, touching). Using this approach, students with language difficulties will understand and remember verbal information more effectively. This workbook includes 40 lessons illustrating the daily lives of two families. Each lesson includes 3 pages:

  • Page 1 is a step-by-step guide to be used by the teacher. This guide includes instructions to the student, suggested presentation text, picture references and suggested comprehension activities and questions.
  • Page 2 shows characters involved in an activity within a specific background. Students look at this page while listening to the teacher talk about the picture (suggested text for the teachers presentation is provided).
  • Page 3 presents the background of the picture, with the characters, actions and objects separately illustrated as clues.

The student first listens as the instructor reads a story. Then the student points to (touches) key components in the story as he/she explains what is happening. Finally, the student looks (sight) at the picture clues and retells the story. By using the senses of sight, hearing, and touch the students you serve will learn how to actively participate in understanding and remember new information.

Includes: 120 Pages

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