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Defining and Describing

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Ages: 8 and up

Grades: 3rd and up

Author: Marilyn Toomey

Defining and Describing is a well organized workbook that teaches students how to define and describe using a simple, but effective format! Teaching children to organize their definitions around a sample pattern:

A______________ is a _____________ that ____________.

A (item being defined) is a (name of superordinate class, category, etc.) that (characteristic of the item that makes it unique within its class.)

Here is what is included:

  • Lists of items by category (to enable students to learn the similarities of items belonging to a particular class and to learn the name of the class).
  • Lists of descriptive terms (to assist students in explain how an item is unique in its class or to describe it).
  • Activity pages that teach descriptive vocabulary.
  • Activity pages that help students develop specific skills needed to construct definitions.
  • Pages and pages of ideas and words to build more advanced and creative descriptions such as: weather words, animal classifications, adverbs, figurative expressions, etc.

You will get your students defining, describing, and building an abundant vocabulary in no time with this reproducible workbook!

Includes: 140 Pages, reproducible

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